In the mountains of western Massachusetts the Lord has built a foundry out of which are cast all manner of instruments for His service. These hammers, these nails - these scalpels and swords were fashioned from metals made molten by the crucible of confrontation, study, independence, and community. This experience and environment is unlike any other and has provided its products a peculiar ethic and a wonderful worldview. Those of us tempered in this foundry are a league of useful soldiers and in the kingdom we are the Lenox Order of Saints.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Westminster Confession or Kennel Club for You?

With a modicum of skill a man may train his dog but he will never be able to disciple it.  Propriety by prompts is not victorious Christianity but rather the life of the well-heeled cocker spaniel.  Discipleship is aspiration over instinct, love over reward, meaning over function.  Like Pavlov's dimwitted dogs, do you still salivate when the world rings a bell?

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